Dentures are an economical and convenient option for replacing multiple missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Individuals wear dentures so that they can eat a healthy diet and speak with confidence.

Why Opt for Dentures?

  • Dentures are one of the most practical options for replacing several missing teeth
  • They are adaptable according to your needs and can be used to restore a few missing teeth or entire arches
  • Dentures help support your facial structure and give you a natural-looking smile
  • Dentures are a durable option and can last for a long time when cared for properly

Types of Dentures

Partial dentures are recommended when some of your natural teeth are still healthy and present. Denture teeth restore the spaces and keep the existing teeth from shifting into the empty spaces. Full dentures are recommended when all of the teeth in one or both dental arches are missing or have to be removed.

An immediate denture is recommended when teeth are removed the same day as the delivery of the denture. It can be either a partial or full denture. Some adjustments may be needed following the delivery due to the healing of the gum tissue.

How Are Dentures Made?

Dentures are made using impressions of your mouth and any remaining teeth. These impressions create records of your teeth and surrounding tissue so that an optimal prosthesis can be made from the dental laboratory. Several appointments are needed to confirm proper fit and function as well as taking into consideration the color and size of the prosthetic teeth. Once the personalized denture is created from the dental lab, the denture will be delivered to the patient. Any necessary adjustments to ensure an improved fit will be completed at this time.

Denture Care

  • You should remove and rinse your denture after your meals to remove any food debris and prevent soft tissue irritations.
  • Handle your dentures with care when removing or washing them to prevent damage.
  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your denture at least once a day.
  • Keep your removable denture in a new clean wet paper towel each night and put it into the denture container.
  • Please do not sleep with the denture prosthesis.

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