While Dr. Wang will always try to find the most efficient way to restore and keep your natural teeth, tooth extraction may sometimes become necessary in order to protect your other teeth and your overall dental health. In such cases, we will ensure your utmost comfort and provide you with the best care at our clinic in Pleasanton, California.

When Is an Extraction Required?

Dental extractions are recommended when you have damaged teeth that are affecting the health of your other teeth and mouth. Severe dental fractures that cannot be fixed may require extraction.

If you have crowded teeth, Dr. Wang may recommend an extraction. This will allow enough space for the rest of your teeth to fit properly as well as relieve pain. Additionally, you may require a tooth extraction to remove impacted or erupted wisdom teeth.

In other instances, decay-related infections may make a tooth extraction necessary. If the condition is untreatable, having the tooth removed will reduce the risk of developing more severe oral problems and relieve discomfort or pain.

Simple Tooth Extraction

Simple tooth extraction is relatively straightforward. The dentist first injects local anesthesia and then uses dental instruments to remove the tooth.

Simple extractions are typically used when the tooth is visible and can be removed easily. Dr. Wang first loosens the tooth before using forceps to remove it.

Recovery from a simple extraction is quicker and simpler.

Surgical Extraction

If you have a more complex or challenging situation such as an impacted wisdom tooth or a tooth that has broken off at the gum line, you’ll need a surgical tooth extraction.

Surgical extractions are recommended when the tooth to be extracted is not visible or is not intact but broken off in several pieces.

To perform the surgical extraction, the dentist will make an incision into the gum and connective tissues to remove the tooth. This procedure takes longer to prepare and to conduct, and the treated site requires more time to heal.

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