Dental emergencies are often stressful and may even pose a threat to your general health. When not treated timely, they may cause permanent damage to your teeth and result in more expensive treatment in the future. Our goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible while diagnosing what treatment will be required to stabilize your tooth.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact Jonathan C. Wang DDS Inc. in Pleasanton, CA 94588, at (925) 399-6835.

Common Dental Emergencies

The most common dental emergencies include severe toothaches from fractured, infected, broken, damaged, or knocked-out teeth. If an infection is not treated, it may spread to different areas of your body, such as the head, mouth, and neck, resulting in more severe health issues and in some cases can be life compromising.

Dental emergencies should not be overlooked and should receive immediate attention.

If you have been in an accident that has resulted in dental injuries or bleeding, we recommend seeking urgent dental care. Please call Dr. Wang as soon as you experience these symptoms. Our office is here to help you.


If you are suffering from a toothache, rinse your mouth thoroughly with warm saltwater. Try to take out any food particles that may have accumulated between your teeth by flossing.

If you also experience swelling or pain, apply a cold compress on the exterior of the jaw or cheek, and call our office immediately. External facial swelling can become life threatening if left untreated. Please do not take risks with your health.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact Jonathan C. Wang, DDS Inc. in Pleasanton, CA 94588, at (925) 399-6835.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

If one of your front teeth fractures in a single large piece, depending on the state of your tooth, Dr. Wang may be able to lightly prepare both the piece and your chipped tooth for the purpose of rebonding the piece back to the tooth.

Rinse your mouth using warm salt water and keep the piece moist in water or a very wet paper towel. The purpose for this is to prevent the piece of tooth from drying out.

Please give Dr. Wang a call as soon as possible to evaluate the tooth, stabilize it, and evaluate if any further treatment is required.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Time is critical if you knock out your tooth. The less time the tooth is out of its socket; the better chance of saving it. Seek emergency dental care immediately.

Do NOT scrub or rub the tooth root to try to clean it.

Do NOT use soap on the tooth. If it has dirt on it, you can gently rinse it off ideally with cold milk or ice water.

It is important to keep the tooth moist ideally by placing it in a container of cold milk packed in ice. If cold milk is unavailable, then put it in cold water.

When Dr. Wang sees you, he will take any x-rays needed, evaluate the tooth, and check for any other dental injuries to adjacent or opposing teeth along with your gum tissue. He will also evaluate you for any facial injuries from the trauma. Dr. Wang will then carely clean the tooth and it in the socket. A stabilizing splint will be placed for a few weeks. It is not uncommon that the tooth nerve will die from this trauma and require a root canal. Dr. Wang will evaluate the tooth to determine if a root canal is needed.

Missing Crown or Filling

If a crown has fallen off, it can lead to severe pain and potentially cause infection. Once you visit our dental practice, Dr. Wang will diagnose your condition thoroughly.

If you have the crown, please bring it with you to the appointment. Dr. Wang will evaluate your tooth and the crown in order to determine if he can re-cement your old crown for you.

If a new crown is needed, Dr. Wang will stabilize that tooth either using your old crown or making a temporary crown so that you are not in pain and the tooth remains protected. He will discuss with you what appointments are needed next to give you a permanent healthy result


An abscess is a painful infection that occurs due to the nerve of a tooth being infected or dying. One can also get an abscess due to gum disease itself. These abscesses may get large enough to cause gum swelling that you will notice. It requires immediate treatment to ensure the infection does not spread through your gums and teeth to other parts of your body.

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