The best approach to dental emergencies is to prevent them from happening. Although that is not always feasible, there are ways to reduce the risk of chipping your tooth or damaging a restoration such as wearing a mouthguard when engaging in contact sports.

When a dental emergency does occur, contacting Dr. Wang at Jonathan C. Wang, DDS Inc. in Pleasanton, CA 94588, may be a critical element in saving your teeth.

In the event of a serious dental emergency after business hours, you can seek the emergency dental services provided by Dr. Wang by calling (925) 399-6835 for you to reach him via a call or a text.

Outside of regular business hours, even if it’s late at night, a holiday, or a weekend, Dr. Jonathan Wang will listen to your concerns and provide advice on what you can do to prevent further damage.  Most importantly, Dr. Wang’s will be willing to see you for an emergency-after-hours, office appointment in order diagnose the source of and to relieve any dental pain until you can be seen in the office for more definitive treatment.

Unlike regular appointments, we understand the importance of treating dental emergencies swiftly and will try to schedule you for an examination and treatment at our dental office in a timely manner.

If a dental emergency occurs, see below our suggestions:


Try to take out any food particles that may have accumulated between your teeth by flossing. If you also experience swelling or pain, apply a cold compress on the exterior of the jaw or the cheek. If you are not medically prohibited from taking over the motrin or Advil, you can take either to help you with the pain. Otherwise, you can take tylenol or generic acetaminophen.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Make sure to preserve all parts of the broken or chipped teeth. Rinse your mouth using warm salt water to clean off the fractured tooth. Cold water on that tooth can exacerbate or cause pain due to possible nerve exposure. Keep any of the fractured pieces moist in water and bring them with you to your office visit.

Knocked-Out Tooth

To increase the chances of saving your tooth, seek an emergency dentist within an hour of the event. Do NOT put the tooth back in its socket yourself since it only introduces bacteria into the area. DO put it in a cold milk container and put the container in ice to keep it cold. If milk is not available, use cold water following the same protocol. Call Dr. Wang as soon as possible even if it is after-office-hours.

Missing Crown or Filling

If a crown has fallen off, it can lead to severe pain and potentially cause infection. Once you visit our dental practice, we will diagnose your condition thoroughly and discuss your treatment options. Dr. Wang’s goal at this emergency appointment is to get you stabilized and out of pain. Dr. Wang will let you know what follow up appointments are needed to reach your permanent treatment solution for this emergency situation.


An abscess is a painful infection that occurs within the nerve of your tooth or between the gum and tooth surface. It requires immediate treatment to ensure the infection does not spread through your gums and teeth to other parts of your body. Rinse several times with warm salt water for temporary relief and seek emergency care.

Please call Dr. Wang at Jonathan C Wang DDS, inc. in Pleasanton, CA at (925) 399-6835 or request an appointment online.